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    Let Chess Work On Your Child's Character for Just 3 Months - And You’ll See The Difference!

    Give your child a smarter brain that never stops growing...

  • The Magical World of Chess!

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    "My father taught me how to play chess at seven and introduced beautiful concepts that I try to pass on to my kids."

    Will Smith, Famous Actor

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    “Chess exceeds all other thinking development programs available!”

    Steve Sawyer, President of Oklahoma Scholastic Chess Organization

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    "Chess develops various skills - leadership capacities, decision-making, strategic planning, logical thinking, and responsibility,"

    Armen Ashotyan, education minister of Armenia, the first country in the world to make chess mandatory in schools

  • The Top 5 Benefits of Chess

    ... and there are more!



    Learning how to hold complexity in mind and still make good decisions – is the challenge of life



    It's been proven by numerous studies that chess helps develop a variety of mind skills


    Decision Making

    Every move in the chess game is a decision which you make and for which you have to bear the consequences



    Many parents tell us that chess has improved their child's self-esteem including how to deal gracefully with difficult situations and loss.



    Chess is actually the coolest game ever. People have been playing it for 1500 years! And our specialized coaches make it fun and exciting for kids.

  • Why Chess Your Child?

    Building Character Through Chess

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    Affiliation with Chess Kid

    ChessKid is the world's #1 chess site for kids. Their unique video content makes teaching chess fun and exciting for kids

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    Affiliation with Coach Jay's Chess Academy

    Coach Jay's chess curriculum has been used to teach chess to more than 40000 kids and was developed over 25 years.

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    Authorized by

    The Egyptian Chess Federation

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    Specialized Coaches

    All our coaches are child development specialists.

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